Poetic scape desk

Time for crafting poetry.

Time to calm down, ponder on various scenes, and put images into words.

Taking the time to think deeply in silence may be extremely useful in creating poetry, more so than what expressed by the poem itself. But finding personal time in the space of our lives and having the time to go to a desk can be difficult for many of us.

The living spaces we value include more than just our living and dining rooms where friends and family gather. We can sense the beauty in places and furniture that allow us more private time to slow down and quietly drift into contemplation. Both furniture and desks are tools when a person is present, and the presence of a person near furniture or at a desk gives birth to a scene. We wanted to create a desk that draws this scene and imagery together. Both wings of the desk feature two drawers that seem to float in the air and these drawers are surrounded by beautiful, beaded edging.

In the middle of this large desk is space for only a single chair. This is a personal desk, creating a completely private space for one person. The four legs that are gathered around the center support the large desk, and adding the chair directly to the center creates a personal, large desktop space. Go ahead and create your own space and time for poetry.