The sensual ladder back lounge arm

This is a compact lounge chair built for maximum comfort born from a new concept, with the seat cushions attached to a complete wooden frame using belts.

To form the wooden frame, pared components are organically joined as if the softly carved forms combine into a tense outline. By making this complete wooden frame a structure with the legs on the outside of the seat frame, the self-supporting seat cushions fit cleanly into the frame and are affixed to the frame with belts. The cushions that are appropriately soft accommodates the body shape of the user to provide flexible support. The elliptical front and rear legs spray outward from the seat frame so that the entire lounge chair is stable.

Also, the compact size gives it a volume that is easy to use in private spaces such as living rooms, lounge rooms and studies. We imagined the chair placed in a space and made the backboard ladder-shaped so that the back looks unique while the frame and cushion share a deeper affinity. The broad armrests extend parallel towards the back and converge smoothly towards the outer sides. The legs, which have an elliptical cross-section, possess both the softness of surfaces and the sharpness of edges. The cushions, which are plump yet have a sense of looseness, harmonize with the frame while the piping makes the outline look sharp, giving the entire chair a refined air.

* Production of this product is currently on hold. Sales are scheduled to resume in summer 2024.

Materials and finishes available for this product