The sensual ladder back lounge arm (NEW)

In recent years, people have been spending more time at home, and when we thought about what kind of chair would create a relaxing time, we thought that other than how it felt to sit on the seat, another major factor would be how comfortable the backrest felt.

The sensual ladder back chair is comparatively compact in size, yet we focused on making it soft and relaxing to sit on as if being enveloped by the back and seat feather cushions. In particular, by increasing the back’s cushioning, the cushion fits the user’s body well. It solves a difference in comfort depending on the user’s body, making the user feel like they are sitting on a sofa.

It features a new chair structure that is completed by attaching cushions to a complete wooden frame. The cross-sections of the front and back legs are ovals so that from the front, the edges of the legs have thin lines, making it look sharp, and from the side, the oval shape makes the chair look soft, with the entire frame being smoothly connected. Also, the back and seat frames are strengthened with several pieces of solid wood, and while fulfilling the functional role of securing the cushions, they also make the chair look well-designed.

While looking somewhat nostalgic, we made everything look soft and smoothly connected for a modern design