Nightfly chair

The name Nightfly was inspired by the mood of the album “The Nightfly” by American musician Donald Fagen. Recorded in 1982, the marvelous sounds of this fine album conjure up the mood of its time to this day.

With a backrest of wood, it has little of the air of a lounge chair, but like the Zepher chair, the gently curved lines of the rear legs and stiles, and the long arms that extend in a circular arc from the stiles create the look of a lounge chair for leisurely adult relaxation. A marked feature of this chair is its substantial depth, but the design is firmly focused on practicality by carefully positioning the backrest for comfortable support.

To successfully perform the joining methods applied to the various parts and meet the exacting specifications demanded for the agodashi joins, all the skill of our artisans and their characteristically Japanese dexterity and perseverance are necessary. For this reason, all the artisans at our production facility play an important part in the creation of this chair.