Synchronicity – Floor light

LNL-01 / LBL-01 floor light
Synchronicity is a phenomenon where similar events occur at the same time. This phenomenon is occurring every day around us. For example, persons with similar faces and similar personalities are born in the same generation and living somewhere on this earth.

Several times we have tried to create a new design from a simple lighting product which we have been producing for 15 years. When we introduced this product into the market 15 years ago it was designed to obtain the ultimate simplicity by removing all unnecessary elements. We have challenged to bring a new design and functionality that gives fresh presence to this light stand. In the end, however, we have come back to the original design. The product we finally reached, by returning to the starting point is this Synchronicity. This basic light stand is still at present providing the same atmosphere. 

LNL-02 / LBL-02 floor light

LNA-03 / LBA-03 floor arm light

LNA-04 / LBA-04 floor arm light
Our lighting products are manufactured under the Japanese and EU Electric equipment standards.