Kiku no Hana


The Kiku no Hana floor lamp is designed with a new idea, which was developed in the process of bonbori-type pendant lighting, Botan no Hana. The bonbori-type shade consists of cedar frames thinned to its limit and given the shape of slightly lifted shoulders as a shade with a modern impression. Several patterns and materials were considered to determine the possibility of transforming the pendant lamp into a floor lamp.

Although we considered creating a floor lamp by installing the shade for a pendant lamp with a stainless base, in the beginning, cedar and Japanese paper from the Mino region did not go well with metals. We then came up with a design that was unprecedented in previous traditional Japanese lightings. By connecting a bonbori-type shade and base with a firebox, the cylinder support and cedar material are covered with Mino washi paper.

The light source is installed at the bottom of bonbori so that the shade and stand become one and release soft light. The floor lamp comes with a dimmer so that the lightbulb creates a burning flame similar to the flame of a candle or canola oil. This is the outcome of our challenge to realize a new bonbori reminiscent of a chrysanthemum (kiku no hana in Japanese) illuminated in the darkness. The name, Kiku no Hana, was given to this product to project the image of a Japanese chrysanthemum created by cedar frames gathering toward the center.



Item No. KIK-01 / KIK-02
Size: φ480×H730 / φ480×H920
body / shade
Handmade washi paper / Cedar solid wood unpainted with dimmer
Vinyl code black 1.8m
Incandescent light bulb 60W(E26)× 1
Our lighting products are manufactured under the Japanese and EU Electric equipment standards.