When the color temperature of the light of a clear glass lightbulb is lowered gradually with a dimmer, the filament becomes visible and just before the light gets too low, it changes to an orange color that resembles burning fire. Lightbulbs that use a filament as the light source have been supporting the development of the modern civilization since the invention of a lightbulb by Thomas Edison in 1879. They are still providing light for people even now without a change in the basic design. However, lightbulbs are facing inevitable extinction because of the invention and diffusion of LED lights.

The beauty of the filament and the milky white warm color temperature of the lightbulb is noticeably attractive in addition to their functionality as illumination. The shape of the glass bulb that covers the filament is also eye-pleasing. The thin glass that resembles a water drop was made by glass craftsman in the past.

By removing the shade and eliminating unnecessary attachments and decoration, we created a simple pendant lighting fixture for universal lightbulbs that has a unified form with a lightbulb that emits light through delicate and thin glass. The cylinder equipped with a socket is finished by chromium plating to give a clean impression.

The pendant light is not sustained by an electric cord but by a thin wire that is suspended from a cylinder shape cover attached to the ceiling. This design creates a tense atmosphere for the product. It is a pendant lighting fixture that ultimately pursues simplicity, which can create a continuity of beautiful light by setting several of them in a line or a tranquil and serene atmosphere by using just one.

Our lighting products are manufactured under the Japanese and EU Electric equipment standards.