in the forest

How would you feel sleeping in the forest? The “in the forest” was created while imagining that feeling.

We use trees of 50 to 100 years old to make pieces of furniture. The gift from trees allows us to create our products. Our lives depend on the benefits we receive from nature. Vegetables we eat every day and beautiful flowers placed by the window all are from nature. We live thanks to other lives on earth. We use various types of trees from various areas. Some are of broad-leaved trees from natural forests in Japan and others are needle-leaved trees from planned afforestation.

We cannot imagine how the original tree was standing in the forest when we look at a finished piece of furniture. All pieces of furniture, wooden houses, utensils, and other wooden items we use daily are built with trees that once used to live in forests. We cannot turn away from the fact that we are receiving gifts from lives that required an enormous amount of time to grow. We can maintain our lives by receiving gifts from other precious lives. However, forests and trees are decreasing now due to natural disasters, illegal cutting, and trading of trees, which is causing global warming and significantly affecting the global environment.

We seriously need to ask ourselves how to deal with trees, forests, nature, and this earth for our future. Humans need nature to live. Also, it is a fact that we are part of lives on this earth. The relationship we have with trees has been deeply connected since the beginning of human history. How to maintain this relationship is the eternal topic that we cannot ignore or abandon.
Japanese lived as mountain dwellers in the past.

Even when rice cultivation was introduced from China during the Jomon period, people in Hokushinetsu regions persistently lived in the mountains. They ate nuts that were gifts from mountains, cut only necessary amounts of trees to make long-lasting tools, and made a fire to manage their lives. Although Japan is surrounded by ocean, 70% of the land is covered by forest even today. As a furniture manufacturer, we have a heavy responsibility in using these precious trees that grow in nature. It is an important issue that cannot be determined by human-centered design or commercialism since it affects the future of the earth.

We created a bed using such precious trees of this earth. People used to sleep in trees of forests in ancient times. While keeping in mind the theme of sleeping in the forest, we created a bed using the texture of solid wood to provide a soft appearance you may feel from the woodgrain. It is our desire to carefully use wood to help people having pleasant sleep while appreciating the gifts we receive from trees.