bring on the night

The bring on the night borrows its name from the title of a documentary movie featuring Sting when he performed his first solo concert in Paris in 1985 after leaving Police and I had been wanting to name this title on a bed someday.

The bed is designed with functionality and extensibility as a product in mind while considering its function as a bed. The basic function of a bed is to support the user to have a good sleep every night, which requires the design of a solid structure to prevent shakiness and squeaking. We used thick solid wood as the basic structure since we examined that a solid wood frame is most suitable for securing rigidity and providing extensibility with the addition of option parts.

The wood frame headboard is slanted for fine design and functionality and has fabric with quilting to provide a soft cushion. It was produced focusing on maintaining the relationship between the soft design and wooden frame. The bed can be extended to have more width by attaching headboards on the bedside tables, which are optional parts. Even when side tables are located in between the two single beds, the connected headboards provide a unified design in the space as a whole. Compared to conventional beds, the strength of the bed frame was improved by increasing the height of the frame where the mattress is placed on.