washroom storage / linen storage / lavatory storage

The washroom is frequently used by all members of the family for washing and bathing. The space is shared by the whole family, so toilet articles and linen goods need to be stored neatly for convenient access.

– The central swinging mirror can be pulled close to you. The whole inside is a storage space, so plenty of articles can be stored.
– Sockets convenient for a hair drier or charging, and LED indirect illumination are installed and cast a soft light.
– Drawers are designed for use on both sides of the sink for effective use of the space. Haircare products and small articles can be stored as well.
– A laundry basket and garbage box are set in the deep drawers, and a space to store a scale is available in the foot area.


swinging mirror

towel hanger

bamboo laundry box

washroom / linen / lavatory storage variations