Scheggia di roccia

Scheggia di roccia is an Italian phrase which means “pieces of rock”, and the artwork was created by Yurina Kira, fine art and jewelry artist. We encountered the wall art, which is the original Scheddia di roccia work, around the time when Kira returned to Japan after working as an artist in Italy. We immediately contacted her and told her that we would like to turn her artwork into a product.

After a few sessions of drinking together, we had a better understanding of the roots of her intriguing artwork in which her strong passion, acquired in Italy, and a delicate sensibility as a Japanese person coexist. While featuring Latin influences and the academism from European countries, such as Italy and Switzerland, where sensibilities are believed in, Kira has a delicate sensibility as Japanese without losing her identity as Japanese and skillfully created artwork with the sensibility of a Japanese person.

Kira’s artwork incorporates both geometric and artificial abstractness which looks as if a landscape has been cut from nature. Turning artwork with such abstract beauty into a product vividly exists as a new venture. We think turning a piece created as an art into a product is a wonderful thing because we can provide Kira’s aesthetic sense to many people.

Designer: Yurina Kira