Jupiter is a standard product of a mirror manufacturer for 15 years in Tokushima Prefecture.
There were many furniture manufacturers in Tokushima, Kagawa, and Kochi of the Shikoku region in the past where it used to flourish with the shipbuilding industry. However, with the change of time, the demand for furniture used in ships dropped with the decline of the shipbuilding industry.

This affected the area that once flourished with mirror production. The industry environment in the Shikoku region drastically changed and only a few factories are still producing mirrors at present. There is a tradition to visit 88 shrines and temples located in the Shikoku region called the Sacred 88 Shikoku Pilgrimage. People complete this pilgrimage to set a turning point in their lives or to leave their footmarks to overcome difficulties. We are producing our chairs, mirrors, and towels in this Shikoku region, the holy land for pilgrimage in Japan.

Jupiter is a unique wall mirror with a thin box shape. We wanted to give the impression of a cabinet-like simple box-shaped furniture as a mirror. There is a slight space between the mirror and the frame. The space functions as a borderline that provides depth to the mirror. The shadow that the mirror casts on the wall will highlight its presence in the room.