Time & Style ēdition at ē DePadova Santa Cecilia, Milan.

Time & Style ēdition at Boffi Solferino, Milan.

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Time & Style ēdition at Milano Design City.

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The Italian interior brand Boffi | DePadova and Time & Style have partnered to develop a joint furniture collection, Time & Style ēdition.

The vision of Boffi | DePadova and the Japanese sense of beauty of Time & Style ēdition have been combined to create a fusion of Western and Eastern aesthetics. Over the years, Italian and Japanese styles have both shown a tendency to a detail-oriented focus in projects to ensure unparalleled quality and a commitment to creating perfectly constructed objects. The exquisite and timeless aesthetic of the Time & Style ēdition furnishings pays homage to these qualities. It meets the demands of contemporary living without losing sight of its origins.

The products were manufactured at Time & Style Factory in Higashikawa, on the north island of Hokkaido, Yamagata, Hida Takayama, Hiroshima, Shimane, Gifu, and Kobe in a collaborative effort with traditional workshops and artisans. The result has become a collection that symbolizes the Japanese craftsmanship.

Time & Style ēdition will be distributed at Boffi | DePadova’s mono-brand showrooms across 70 major cities around the world, starting in the middle of July.
In Japan, the products will be available at Time & Style stores and through distributors at the end of October 2020.

Founded in Brianza, Italy, Boffi is a kitchen pioneer with a history of over 80 years. Boffi has established a brand concept that combines design and functionality while building an unwavering position as a high-end brand, and continues to lead the industry with innovative and refined minimal design and technical capabilities. Since 2015, Boffi has joined with Italian furniture brand De Padova as the team Boffi | De Padova to communicate a style unique to the brand while carrying forward the history of interior design in Italy, proposing holistic spaces that encompass the kitchen, bath, furniture, storage, and more under a global brand.

The Time & Style ēdition developed for Boffi | DePadova presents a contemporary evolution of traditional Japanese wood craftsmanship.

The collection communicates the discreet elegance of traditional Japanese wood craftsmanship through a contemporary lens that emphasizes the timeless quality of each design.

The design process begins first and foremost with the material. Time & Style ēdition focuses on making quality, long-lasting design that references classical Japanese design and highlights the tactile qualities of solid wood. The attention to detail and emphasis on craftsmanship is in line with the principles pursued by Boffi | DePadova in its efforts to create a well-curated and distinctive selection of refined modern furnishings to accommodate every corner of the home.

The capsule collection, ranging from low tables and chairs in solid wood to light fixtures with shades made from traditional Japanese washi paper, offers an eclectic assortment of contemporary Japanese furniture that pairs harmoniously with the sophisticated living systems from Boffi | DePadova.

The philosophy of Time & Style ēdition aligns perfectly with the interior design concepts developed by Boffi | DePadova throughout its history. Over the years, Italian and Japanese design cultures have shown a profound respect for age-old handicrafts, a predisposition to focus in painstaking detail on projects to ensure unparalleled quality, and a deep commitment to making beautifully constructed objects. The understated timeless aesthetic of the Time & Style ēdition furniture pays homage to all of these, meeting the demands of contemporary living yet never loses sight of its origins.


• The sensitive light chair
• A chair in the forest
• A chair outside the cage
• Sunset armchair
• Liku Japanese chair


• Moon
• Sea of tranquility

low tables

• Temple
• Imperial Family
• Moon

cabinets and bookcases

• Silent cabinet
• Silent Drawer
• Silent drawer cabinet
• Silent wardrobe
• Komorebi bookcase


• Bombori
• Lantern

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