Peter Zumthor collection exhibition in Amsterdam and Osaka

Peter Zumthor collection exhibition

The furniture collection created with architect Peter Zumthor, will be presented.

We will be exhibiting a selection of furniture that Peter Zumthor designed for his architectural projects, reconstructed and brought to market in Japan by Time & Style using our proprietary manufacturing techniques and materials. His architecture is the result of extensive time and thought, and the furniture designed and produced for that architecture is an integral part of the space. Over three years of dialogue with Mr. Zumthor while developing these products resulted in updated materials, constructions, and details while carefully preserving the original concepts. His deep empathy for Time & Style’s craftsmanship, which makes use of traditional Japanese techniques and materials, has resulted in the world’s first Peter Zumthor furniture collection.

Please visit our showrooms in Amsterdam and Osaka to see products with universal functional beauty.

The Peter Zumthor Collection

Peter Zumthor collection exhibition
Peter Zumthor collection exhibition

Peter Zumthor collection exhibition in Amsterdam
15 – 31 July 2022
11:00 – 19:00 (Tue-Sat)
11:00 – 18:00 (Sun)
Closed on Mondays

Time & Style Amsterdam
Marnixstraat 148, 1016 TE Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)20 210 3176

Peter Zumthor collection exhibition in Osaka
7 July – 7 August 2022 11:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)

Reception Party
Dates and times : 7 July 2022, 17:00 – 21:00
Please feel free to visit our showroom with your friends and family. We look forward to seeing you.

Time & Style Osaka
Osaka Shashin Kaikan 1F, 2-7-14 Minami-Senba, Chuo-ku, Japan
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