Peter Zumthor collection by Time & Style

Time & Style is honored to announce its newest furniture collection by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor this March in 2022 – the Peter Zumthor collection. It will be introduced to the world in June through the Time & Style exhibition at Salone del Mobile.

The collection is a selection and reconstitution of furniture accumulated over fifty years, designed specifically for the architectural projects by him and his atelier. It is produced by Time & Style using original techniques and materials. The product collection consists of five series, and it is the world’s first collection by Peter Zumthor.

He creates furniture as part of the architecture. He does not design furniture individually or commercially. His furniture is intertwined with the architectural narrative, and thus is a fragment of the universality of his works.

Time & Style entrusted by Peter Zumthor creates the collection using accumulated techniques and materials from Japan. We believe it has chemistry with his concept of creating authentic and universal architecture that transcends time.

4th, March 2022

Time & Style

CEO Ryutaro Yoshida