Nobuhiko Tanaka Exhibition

1st June Monday to 21st June Sunday, 2020


Artist in store: 1st June Monday; 6th June Saturday (tentative)

To mark the reopening of the Tokyo Midtown store after closing of about two months, an exhibit by ceramics artist Nobuhiko Tanaka will be held.

The exhibit will feature the new “Gomashiote” series that complement foods with the simple appearance of thick earthenware, centered on the “Iro no Utsuwa” series and its gently pleasing light hues.

The creations of Mr. Tanaka’s display a high degree of perfection made possible by mastery of technique, yet also offer warmth and enjoyment as dishes made for daily use.

We believe that Mr. Tanaka’s sincere and gentle character, which comes through in these creations, is the reason that many people continue to use them with affection.

It is our pleasure to welcome you back to our store together with these delightful creations.


Nobuhiko Tanaka official site

Nobuhiko Tanaka Instagram

1966 Born in Nerima Ward, Tokyo

1990 Graduated from Rikkyo University

1991 Completed course at Kyoto Prefectural Ceramists’ Technical Institute

1991-93 Worked at Happuyo, Shiga Prefecture

1993-95 Lecturer, Kichijoji Atelier Hikousen Tougei Research Institute

1994 Opened kiln in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture

2001-03 Member, Japan Craft Design Association