Jean-Marie Massaud

Jean-Marie Massaud
Architect, Interior Designer
Product : MEN, AKI, JAZZ





Born in Toulouse, France in 1966, Jean Marie Massaud was a child fascinated by science, who dreamt of becoming an inventor. He graduated from ENSCI in Paris in 1990. During his academic years, he found it was the beauty of first intuition that amazed him in the process of invention. He then started to collaborate with Marc Berthier, who had a great influence on him.
Jean-Marie Massaud
While working on urbanism issues with Marc, who made him realize that if he has a past, he must have a future as well, Jean-Marie Massaud discovered the intimate link between design and architecture, relating to similar implications in the creation of our environment and of our life experience.

“Although immaterial and pure science unearths possibilities with implications, it does not have directional characteristics,” continues Jean Marie Massaud, “it only makes up for desires, believes and enthusiasm pursuing unification to understand the world better.” Jean Marie Massaud, who holds inventive talent and enthusiasm, challenged himself to create a fusion of designing and architecture and started to work on various design fields from furniture to industrial products.



In addition, in 2005, his exhibition was held in TIME & STYLE. “Human bodies and nature create beautiful lines. I treasure these lines, but a sense of tension is missing only with soft curved lines,” says Jean Marie Massaud, “That’s why I give attention to a sense of tension, lines and organic curved lines of products found in Japan.”JAZZ collection is a collaboration work of TIME & STYLE and Jean Marie Massaud, which was created based on the traditional Japanese lifestyle that the Japanese feel comfortable sitting on a floor and traditional tatami mats (straw mat). Under the idea of Japanese gardens and stepping stones, JAZZ collection offers products combining traditional Japanese lifestyle and modern lifestyle, added with Japanese elements of combining shapes together and movability.



Also in this exhibition, the global environment, which has lost sight of the preciousness in modern industrialization, was recreated in a small scale, showcasing green colonies presented as an object, as well as the tableware series, vent blanc (white wind), which was developed with inspiration from Japanese literatures providing dynamic design, and the development of new products, including MEN and AKI in collaboration with TIME & STYLE.



“Evolution means a change of heart, not industrial advancement and the development of science. Designing returns back to the true nature of things and represents nothing less than enthusiasm for human renovation. I look at things as a person, not as a designer or architect, from a point of view that is how those who live there can live a comfortable life.” Jean Marie Massaud engages in wide-ranging projects, without limit or boundary.
Jean-Marie Massaud
The world that Jean Marie Massaud idealizes is a place where people feel empathy toward all living things and nature and culture exist together in harmony. His artworks are fueled by his senses and mysterious power, as well as his pursuit of achieving a feeling of being alive.

There is a process of taking on challenges and changing the future in the work that leads to tomorrow.