Yasuhide Kuge / Mnemosyne exhibition


Yasuhide Kuge / Mnemosyne

From January 16 until March 13.

Time & Style Midtown. Open from 11:00 to 20:00.


“Amidst the coronavirus pandemic’s suffocating pressure, the performers revealed moments of physical, creative expression born from a dynamic equilibrium.”

“I can now switch ideas and techniques to refine my works, so these new photos express certain elements that I was unable to include in my past works.”

(Yasuhide Kuge)


Time & Style Midtown will welcome Mr. Yasuhide Kuge and introduce his photographs, focusing on his latest works. As forms of art, fashion, and media expression, Yasuhide Kuge’s pictures carry a unique-yet-congruous aesthetic rooted in deep photographic understanding.

His works transcend the superficial techniques, experience, or raw ability, bringing a “perspective” specialized for photographic expression that delivers an aesthetic that transcends subjects and mediums.

Kuge’s photographic works began in the 1990s with behind-the-scenes street shoots. He then went on to use large cameras to produce individualistic forms of print expression and to partner with corporate and media entities (Aliens [Tsuburaya Productions], Absolute Speed [Honda], niwa to sono [AXIS], and others).

In 2009, he published his photobook Atelier, a collection of artist and dancer atelier (studio) photography.

In 2020, he announced LA LUZ BROTA (“the light sprouts”), which, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, recaptures past print works in a literary context

and Ambulant Colors, new video production in his Atelier series.

Slated for release in 2021, his newest work captures the creative expression moments generated by two performers, Sunayama Norico and Ikemiya Nakao, transforming them into picture form. Do not miss the chance to stop by and see how these works feature in the Time & Style Midtown.


Yasuhide Kuge Profile


Group exhibit: ’94-’95 STREET STYLE Exhibit (V & A MUSEUM, LONDON),

Major exhibit: ’01-‘05 Kousahairetsu, ’03 Midlife Process, ’11 Vertical Archaeology 1 ’20 Ambulant Colors, etc. Major photobooks: ’96 ALIENS, ’01 Absolute Speed, ’04 LIFT, ’05 Shionohana/Miyakejima, ’08 niwa to sono, ’09 Atelier, ’20 LA LUZ BROTA, ’21 Mnemosyne

A collection of his works, Mnemosyne, is planned for release in 2021.