Launch of Green tea utensils designed by Tomoko Azumi

In Ureshino, Saga Prefecture, I visited a pottery workshop skilled in processing ceramics that feature modern and elaborate designs even within the Yoshida ware handed down in the region.

Here I came across the green tea carefully made locally and had the idea of creating tea utensils that would draw out the goodness of the tea.

The green tea of Ureshino can be served even at a low temperature of 60 degrees.

I want people to enjoy the aroma and color of the tea, as well as the time, is taken for serving. This image underlay my decisions regarding the form and glazing of the tea utensils.


Handle-less teapot

The form of this teapot, with a wide mouth and no handle, is easy to grip. Ingenious design by the pot- tery workshop creates a spout that pours well.


Cooling jar

This essential item cools the hot water. Usually an overlooked utensil, this cooling jar has a presence that greets guests’ eyes together with the tea.


The glaze of this teacup was chosen for its gentle touch and for how it naturally and beautifully shows off the color of the tea.



I used a form that rises diagonally from a small bowl to reflect the modernity of the teapot and teacup. It’s easy to pick up, as well.



The small ridge along the edge lets the thumb rest

and hold the saucer stably.


Manufactured by Kaikaido, the tea caddy features a high level of airtightness for longer enjoyment of opened green tea. Its hefty tin-plated material changes more and more as it is used over time, taking on a mellow hue.

The tea towel supports the tea ceremony with kasuri fabric from Kurume, a city close to the tea-producing area. It protects the tea utensils from contact with each other when carried in their box.


Tea Box set

Handle-less teapot, teacup,cooling jar, teaspoon, saucer, tea caddy, tea towel, tea box and tea leaves.

(Handle-less teapot, teacup,cooling jar, teaspoon, saucer and tea leaves can be purchased separately)


Tomoko Azumi

Born in Hiroshima, in 1966,

Tomoko Azumi trained as an architect at Kyoto City University of Arts (1985-89 BA Environmental Design ) before working for an architectural practice in Tokyo.

She later studied Furniture Design at the Royal College of Art (1993-95 MA RCA). Following a ten year partnership as AZUMI, Tomoko Azumi opened TNA Design Studio in 2005.

In 2009, Tomoko and her team designed a series of furniture for the United Kingdom Supreme Court.


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