Time & Style ēdition press release



The Time & Style ēdition collection is a novelty for 2020 that is born out of a collaboration between Boffi|DePadova and Time & Style. This quality offering follows in the footsteps of De Padova, MA/U Studio, and ADL to complement the sophisticated and one-of-a-kind project initiated by the group in 2015.

“We do not seek to have a collection of brands. We want instead to create a composition of complementary brands that integrate with each other to offer a complete living experience,” explains Boffi|DePadova CEO Roberto Gavazzi in describing the main goal of the venture.

“We discovered this extraordinary Japanese manufacturing reality at the Stockholm furniture fair in 2019 and we quickly realized that it could contribute in a brilliant way to the De Padova collection.”

Chairs, armchairs, tables and low tables with a minimalist design and rice paper lamps, reveal a millenary manufacturing tradition made up of artisans who work with wood from the forests of Hokkaido, and who have entered into an exclusive relationship with the De Padova collection. The launch of the Time & Style ēdition adheres to the vision of Maddalena De Padova who had already succeeded in the 1950s in blending Scandinavian style with Italian design, to give life to a Milanese concept of living with aristocratic elegance. “What intrigued me the first time I met Ryutaro was the passion for the craftsmanship of the Land of the Rising Sun,” continues Gavazzi. “We immediately arrived at the same idea of joining forces to unite the sophistication of Nipponese culture with Italian creativity.”

Founded by Ryutaro Yoshida, brand Time & Style has for three decades protected and promoted the manufacturing skills and traditions linked to Japanese carpentry, just as the Italian company has preserved its know-how within each individual product.

“It is the first time in the history of the furniture sector that an Italian interior design brand, one with a precise international vision, has created a partnership with a Japanese company, not just from a commercial point of view, but on a global level as well” explains Yoshida. “The collaboration with Boffi|DePadova represents a genuine sharing between Italian and Japanese culture.”

The philosophy of the Time & Style ēdition is perfectly reflected in the interior design concept developed by Boffi|DePadova throughout its history. Over the years, Italian and Japanese styles have both shown a tendency to a detail-oriented focus in projects to ensure unparalleled quality and a commitment to creating perfectly constructed objects. The exquisite and timeless aesthetic of the Time & Style ēdition furnishings pays homage to these qualities. It meets the demands of contemporary living without losing sight of its origins.

The collaboration with Time & Style continues with the design of the Horizontal Sofa and the Time Trip for Memories bed. These pieces are produced in Italy where the know-how in upholstered products has a strong tradition. “With this new collection, we have added a further touch of eclecticism that will enrich our offer,” adds Roberto Gavazzi. “At the same time, we are offering a Japanese brand the opportunity to tap into the prestige of the Boffi|DePadova brand name and our distribution network composed of 70 mono-brand stores present in 50 countries. Only for Japan, the collection will be directly sold by Time & Style.”