OBJEWELRY | Kirayurina exhibition

Time & Style Milan

16 November – 30 December 2023
Mon – Saturday: 10:00 – 19:00
Sunday: Closed

Cocktail reception:Thursday 16 November 2023 / 17:00 – 21:00
On Thursday 16th November, the artist Kira Yurina will be present in the showroom.

Time & Style Milan
Via Eugenio Balzan, 4, Largo Claudio Treves, 2, Via San Marco, 13, 20121 Milan, Italy.
+39 02 49658 560

OBJEWELRY is a series of wall art pieces by Kira Yurina, a Japanese artist and jewelry designer.
She creates three-dimensional works and brooch accessories by combining artfully colored natural wood with contrasting materials such as mirrors and acrylic. She explains that her works are neither within the framework of art objects nor jewelry. According to her, they exist in the realm between art objects and jewelry, which she calls OBJEWELRY.

Kira Yurina moved to Italy in 1991 and graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan with a degree in painting. During her time residing in Italy, she became deeply influenced by the architectural marvels of Italy and the natural wonders of the Swiss mountains. Subsequently, she embarked on creating wall-mounted artworks centered around the multifaceted beauty of nature, using wood as her primary medium. Upon returning to Japan, she expanded her creative repertoire to include wall-based compositions featuring geometric forms constructed from wood and mirrors, as well as crafting jewelry items in wood and acrylic, including brooches under the label OBJEWELRY.

Regarding OBJEWELRY, she describes it as a “composition of form, color, and volume.” Her work showcases a unique spatial arrangement of geometric shapes, which harmoniously balances a rich sense of volume and a captivating interplay of colors. Simultaneously, her artificial geometric structures evoke organic landscapes, creating a vivid interplay between the man-made and natural world.

We are delighted to announce an exhibition featuring 30 wall-mounted OBJEWELRY pieces by Kira Yurina at the Time & Style Milan showroom. On 16th of November, there will be a cocktail reception, and the artist herself will be in attendance. We eagerly await your presence at the exhibition, anticipating the enjoyment of this artistic journey.

Kira Yurina

She studied at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, majoring in painting. However, the profound influence of Italian architecture and the pristine natural landscapes of Switzerland have indelibly shaped her creative trajectory. As a result, her artistic focus shifted towards crafting wall-based compositions that ingeniously incorporate elements of the natural world, with wood as a primary medium.

Upon returning to her homeland in Japan, she successfully transformed her mirror-adorned wall compositions into commercial products, a transition facilitated by the esteemed interior brand TIME & STYLE. Consequently, her creative endeavors predominantly center around the meticulous crafting of brooches, skillfully employing materials such as wood and acrylic mirrors.

Presently operating under the name “OBJEWELRY,” her artistic output is characterized by a dual emphasis on brooch design and the creation of stunning wall-based works, each a testament to their unwavering commitment to the celebration of nature’s beauty.