Nobuhiko Tanaka porcelain exhibition

August 28 (Saturday) – September 26 (Sunday), 2021

Time & Style Residence

One can almost see the beauty of the changing seasons and the power and transience of nature reflected in the pieces of Nobuhiko Tanaka, who works out of a studio enveloped by lush nature. The new works for this year feature delicate expressions with light dots and ribbons. Each pattern of these playful works has been carefully painted, and they also harmonize well with the main “Iro no Utsuwa” series. 

We believe the reason Mr. Tanaka’s works are loved across generations is that they are beautiful to look at, are fun to imagine how to use when browsing, and help give your dining table a gentle, calming touch.

“Iro no Utsuwa”

Evidence of Mr. Tanaka’s discerning eye can be found flowing throughout every facet of these works: from the coloring that’s been incorporated after years of studying lacquer, to the matte texture with a subdued shine, all the way to the overall soft form of the pieces. Every color decorating the ceramics was made by combining materials like metallic oxide and color pigment to produce a one-of-a-kind shade.

In consideration of those who live far away or who would prefer not to visit in person, we have a special page online where users can view some of the works on display at the exhibit.

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Nobuhiko Tanaka

1966 Born in Nerima Ward, Tokyo
1990 Graduated from Rikkyo University
1991 Completed course at Kyoto Prefectural Ceramists’ Technical Institute
1991-93 Worked at Happuyo, Shiga Prefecture
1993-95 Lecturer, Kichijoji Atelier Hikousen Tougei Research Institute
1994 Opened kiln in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture
2001-03 Member, Japan Craft Design Association

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