Newsletter – May 2022 – vol.236

Peter Zumthor collection exhibition

The furniture collection created with architect Peter Zumthor, will be presented simultaneously in Milan and Tokyo.

We will be exhibiting a selection of furniture that Peter Zumthor designed for his architectural projects, reconstructed and produced in Japan by Time & Style using our proprietary manufacturing techniques and materials.

His deep empathy for Time & Style’s craftsmanship, which makes use of traditional Japanese techniques and materials, has resulted in the world’s first Peter Zumthor furniture collection.


Peter Zumthor collection exhibition in Milan
6 – 12 June 2022, 10:00 – 21:00

Our flagship showroom, called “Time & Style,” will open on 6 June 2022, in Brera, the artistic heart of Milan. The amalgamation of Time & Style’s aesthetics, with the historical pure-white arched corridors that stretch across an area spanning 500㎡, will open the gates to a new design scene in Milan.

Time & Style Milan
Via Eugenio Balzan, 4, Largo Claudio Treves, 2, Via San Marco, 13, 20121 Milan, Italy

Peter Zumthor collection exhibition in Tokyo

6 – 30 June, 2022  11:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Wednesdays


Reception Party

Dates and times: 6 June 2022, 17:00 – 21:00

Please feel free to visit our showroom with your friends and family. We look forward to seeing you.


Time & Style Atmosphere

4-27-15 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel 03-5464-3205

Milan Design Week

Time & Style ēdition 2022
7 – 12 June 2022

The “Time & Style ēdition” collection, developed in partnership with the Italian interior brand Boffi | DePadova since 2020, integrates Western and Eastern elements to create interior spaces that embrace innovative values. With the addition of the new lineup at Milano Design Week, this collection has evolved into one capable of creating even more vibrant living spaces.

Mutual projection

Haruka Hirai art exhibition

19 May – 19 June, 2022
Time & Style Amsterdam

In my recent work, I have been working with the idea of a system that evokes the illusions occuring through the use of painted installations.

This exhibition represents an installation using series of paintings made on wooden panels that fold in half instead of using a regular canvas. On these panels I applied canvas painted with acrylic paint. The form of the wooden panels and the images painted on them are directly inspired by two triangles formed when the corners of a piece of paper, such as books and old stamps I collected in Germany, are folded. By folding the pages, the page numbers and images are rotated 90 degrees and overlap, creating unintended images.

The variety of images that emerge through this simple operation may be described as the essence of collage-like thinking. The images created here are generated endlessly and semi-automatically, as I abandon the manipulation of composition. This allows the artist to focus on the act of painting without being bound by the principles of image generation. In other words, this is an attempt to separate the “what” from the “how”when painting.

Along with the installation, I have created a book limited to one copy in which I’ve collected motifs and sources generated in the process of creating works. From the perspective of the work’s concept of “examining the drawing-like and collage-like process while redistributing it on the plane, in space, and in time,”it is my intention to place equal importance on the experience of the actual and printed work.

1985 Born in Aichi, Japan
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Haruka Hirai official website

Time & Style Amsterdam
Marnixstraat 148, 1016 TE Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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