Makiko Masutani Exhibition

Makiko Masutani Exhibition
21st August – 22nd September 2020
Time & Style Midtown

TIME & STYLE MIDTOWN is pleased to welcome Makiko Masutani to introduce paintings inspired by everyday life, a wallpaper installation made with hand-carved stamps and wraps around the interior of the shop, and other works by the artist, with a focus on the new.
The works are arranged alongside interior goods, to create an exhibit in which the artist discovers things within everyday life and glimpses expressions of the works that lie beyond.
We invite you to take a look.

“The works begin with the hand-carving of stamps. The task is akin to extracting fragments of memory.
I stamp them to retain the memories that I want to keep.
I select the motifs from within my living area that includes things I am both aware and unaware of, such as attachments, familiar things, things casually glimpsed, and unexpected scenery that yields feelings of alienation. In these, I feel the touch and trace of someone there, and leave behind icons.
Stamps are very important in leaving such “shapes” (motifs) behind in pictures.
In the exhibition, I will exhibit paintings and pencil drawings centered on my Wall Paper series, which has expanded to capture repeated icons in the space.”
(Makiko Masutani)

1982 Born in Tokyo
2012 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Oil Painting Course
2014 Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Painting Oil Painting Completed

[ Solo exhibition ]
2017 “light relief” ANA INTERCONTINENTAL TOKYO, Tokyo
2016 “Whose sleeve?” S.O.C/ Satoko Oe Contemporary, Tokyo

[ Group exhibition ]
2019 “paper works: Takuya Ikezaki, Makiko Masutani”.
S.O.C/ Satoko Oe Contemporary, Tokyo
2016 “Summer show” S.O.C/ Satoko Oe Contemporary, Tokyo
2016 “Opening gallery selection” S.O.C/ Satoko Oe Contemporary, Tokyo
2015 “Shugo Arts show” ShugoArts, Tokyo
2014 “shape of painting” ShugoArts, Tokyo
2013 “KISS THE HEART#2” Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, Tokyo
2012 “Store Japan” Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo
“Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi,” Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery, Tokyo

[ Other ]
2014 “Marunouchi Sakura Cafe2014”, Marunouchi Building

[ Award ]
2013 “Holbein Scholarship.”
2012 “Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi”, Mitsubishi Estate Award

[ Public collection ]
Mitsubishi Estate Company, Limited
Yamanashi Gakuin University