KENGO KUMA EXHIBITION – Furniture that blended into the surroundings

Although the architecture of Kengo Kuma became well-known throughout the world,
few people know the fact that he also designs almost all of the furniture for his architecture by himself.
In this modern era, Kengo Kuma also tries to design the furniture design from zero, just like the old greatest architects did,
while he is challenging to find a new architecture.
The remarkable point for Kengo Kuma’s furniture design is that he explores the theme of Japanese traditional lifestyle,tools and traditional techniques.
He re-translates the Japanese lifestyle and traditional skills into contemporary furniture design.
We – Time & Style – has been working together with Kengo Kuma and Associates from 2009,
This exhibition is the first moment in Europe to show the furniture he designed for his projects during
last 10 years and commercialised together with Time & Style.We hope this would be a good opportunity to know the important relationship with architecture and furniture in his world.


Fri 26 July 2019
Presentation by Kengo Kuma 18:00-19:00
Reception Party 19:00-
Kengo Kuma Exhibition
22 June – 18 Aug 2019
Exhibition at Time & StyleTime & Style / Marnixstraat 148, 1016TE Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Kengo Kuma
Born in 1954. A leading Japanese architect, well known for making use of wood and natural materials. Kengo Kuma’s work has been internationally acknowledged and received many prestigious awards. Major projects include Great (Bamboo) Wall (China), Starbucks Coffee at Dazaifutenmangu Omotesando (Japan), FRAC Marseille (France) and V&A Dundee (Scotland, UK). Kengo Kuma & Associates are also working on the new National Stadium along with Taisei Corporation and Azusa Sekkei (Japan).