Katsutoshi Mizuno Exhibition

3rd July Friday to 2nd August Sunday, 2020

Artist in store: 3rd July Friday, 4th July Saturday, 5th July Sunday (tentative)

TIME & STYLE MIDTOWN (Roppongi store)

Just as classical music created hundreds of years ago is reproduced by the interpretations of the musicians of each era and conveys a beautiful melody in the modern era, good old pottery has also been passed down through the art of “copying.”

Mizuno’s creations, while looking sophisticated and modern, also feels like a classic that has survived through the ages. Their delicate appearance makes food look more appetizing, while also granting a sense of pride and joy of ownership.

As the heat of summer creeps upon us, we hope that the pure and innocent appearance of the white porcelain will urge you to enjoy the beauty of its creation.

Many of Mizuno’s creations, such as the Pear Blossom and Japanese Quince-shaped plates, are made using the “Katauchi” technique. In the Katauchi technique, the clay is first thrown on the potter’s wheel and then put on drape molds, as the potter forms them into rectangular or other polygonal shapes that are not round.

This is done one by one, and thus requires a significant amount of time and effort. The most important part of this technique is the plaster mold, which shapes the delicate lines of the porcelain. These elaborate molds are custom made by Mizuno himself, taking into account that the clay shrinks in volume during the firing process.

As all of the processes in the Katauchi technique need to be done by hand, the potter’s skill on the wheel, the homogeneity of the mold, and their creativity have a significant impact on the resulting product.


Katsutoshi Mizuno

1960: Born in Hiroshima Prefecture

He decided to pursue the position of potter while in the third year of university.

After graduating from the university, he joined Seto Yogyo Kunrenkou.

In 1982, he joined Kutani Seiyo, supervised by Yoichi Hata.

He went independent in 1990 and moved to Tobe, Ehime Prefecture.

He returned in 2010 to his hometown and current location in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture.




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