Furniture for Human Vol.1.


Time & Style is pleased to announce a new furniture collection, Furniture for Human Vol.1.

Through never-ending evolution and selection, the natural world’s animals and plants have obtained their beautiful physical forms.
The skin and the physique that clothe the body connect seamlessly; their feel brims with a smooth and organic beauty.
The skeleton constructs the body’s motions; the joints’ structure allows for functional and smooth actions.

Taking up furniture with a comfortable feel like that of the human body as a design theme, we fundamentally reexamined how furniture should fit into its lifestyle.

Like the harmonized human body in which all parts come together as one, the parts of the furniture connect through smooth and gentle curved surfaces that give shape to natural forms and tactile sensations.

We hope to achieve furniture that connects humans with spaces, stressing neither body nor mind, by letting chairs with a smoothness from the gentle touch of wood meld into people’s lifestyles.