Form, Continued.

Friday, January 24 to Monday, February 24, 2020
Reception Party: Friday, January 24, 19:00

Ren Ren is pieces of hexagonal Japanese ash wood with four three-dimensional triangular faces, created one by one by a craftsman.

The attractive texture of wood brings a soft outline to the straight line-like forms, and varied expressions are revealed according to color, number, and combination. The four distinctive faces are cut three-dimensionally; with each pointing in its own direction, light and shadows appear and lend the scenery richness. Although interior-oriented, Ren Ren also has artistically expressive aspects, and accents varied scenarios.

The characters making up the name “Ren Ren” denote continuation without end. Come to the TIME AND STYLE space and enjoy how the pieces connect one by one.
“Supervision: Kazue Okada”