What form and design are required for a sofa to maintain timeless value and suit any space or style? Seeking the answer to this challenge, we, together with a manufacturer in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, produced Autumn about 15 years ago after a long period of development through the process of trial and error. We have never changed the specifications since then. Our aim was to make a sofa with a covering like the hem of a skirt, using a fresh, clean white canvas.

We incorporated several important considerations in the basic design of Autumn to look modern as well as classic. One of our considerations was the use of feathers to fill the seat cushion. Selecting high quality down at the time, we managed to create seating comfort with the sofa seat cushions that appeared a little loose and soft but had high loft and recovery, different from a foam sofa cushion with a fitted cover.

We attempted to realize both relaxation and maximum tension for our sofa to be elegant with a refined silhouette. Another consideration was the design of the arms. We decided the far side of the arms should curve and be detached from the backrest a connecting part between the arms and the back should cause tensile strength. This unique design helped the back look wide and unconstrained, and the back and arms coverings fit well. In addition, the legs and the rail made from solid walnut were designed to peek out slightly from under the canvas covering. This sofa was not small but rather large for relaxing in the seat. Moreover, the back cushions were adequately soft.

The sofa achieved a good balance between appearance, functionality, and comfort.
The manufacturer in Kanazawa has been producing the Autumn for 15 years since the late company president brought it out to the market. Its survival is truly attributed to his enthusiasm and the characteristics of a product in tune with the times, which must be essential factors in product design, durability, and functionality for long-lasting use.

Today, the design has become consumable, created than destroyed, and modern people are used to consuming not only goods but nature and even human beings as resources. We believe that only authentic products can be used for a long period and that the judgment as to authenticity will be made by users or otherwise time will tell. We must have a mindset for producing long-lasting products while making the necessary improvements. That is the only approach we can take when manufacturing products.