The 57th National Skills Competition

The 57th National Skills Competition
Schedule: Thursday November 14th to Monday November 18th, 2019
Competition: Saturday November 16th and Sunday 17th
Venue: Aichi Sky Expo

Time & Style Factory will again be participating in the National Skills Competition this year.
Brining together young people from all over Japan who are training in furniture making each day, the competition seeks to discover the best skills in Japan. The assignment is to complete a cabinet in a period of two days by reading plans and using woodworking machines and hand tools such as planes and chisels as the case demands. The competitors finish the piece by tailoring their skills to the special features of woods of different hardness and texture, such as walnut, hard maple, and Japanese ash. Look forward to the way these young people who will be the supporters of Japanese manufacturing in the future rise to the challenge.Participants
Tsukasa Kurahashi (22 years old, from Obihiro)
Tsubasa Konno (21 years old, from Kushiro)