Takenoko chair exhibition

My smallest architecture

Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

11 – 25 June 2021

Time & Style Atmosphere

Takenoko chair

丸太柱の根本を斜めに面とりした部分を、茶人たちは古くから「タケノコ」と呼んできました。これは床を貫くものとして忌み嫌われる家屋内の筍の子を、 あばら屋の風情として愛するような、侘び寂びの感性の現れです。私が建築に丸太を用いるのも、素材の美しさはもとより、自然に合わせて暮らす日本人の自然主義的美学が空間に立ち上がるからです。そのような慎ましい場に相応しい椅子を作ることが私の願いでした。


最初に構想したのは、椿の皮付き丸太を日本の木造軸組建築のように水平垂直に構成した、小さな空間性を持つ椅子です。座り心地や使い勝手を追求し、正面に回りこむときにつま先があたる後脚や、座ったときに踵が当たりやすい前脚を斜めにカットすると、「タケノコ」が現れました。また、アームをテーブルに掛けて椅子を浮かせることで、テーブル下の掃除がしやすいことにも拘りました。禅寺の修行の一つに掃除があるように、場を美しく清めることは、私たちがどう生きるかという哲学的で宗教的な実践なのです。 このプロダクトはそのコンセプトモデルを元に、沢山の方が求めやすいように、製材された無垢の丸棒を使って制作されたものです。



The portion where the base of timber pillars has been chamfered diagonally has long been called “bamboo shoots” by masters of the tea ceremony. This is a manifestation of the sensibility of wabi-sabi, which sees bamboo shoots poking through the floor, unloved in a home, as worthy of adoration as charms of a humble abode. My use of timbers in architecture, too, is not only for the beauty of the materials but also to imbue the space with the naturalist aesthetics of people in Japan who live in harmony with nature. It was my wish to create a chair suited to such a modest locale.  

Time & Style is a brand that has valued ​the aesthetic sense and spirituality of Japanese people, in manufacturing that begins with the sawing and drying of timber and addresses the wood with respect. Empathizing with that stance, I requested the production of dining chairs a lounge chairs.  

My initial concept was for a chair that holds a small spatial quality composed of camellia wood parts retaining the bark, structured horizontally and vertically in the manner of Japanese wooden frame architecture. The locations where the toes of the user contact the rear legs moving around the chair to the front, and where the heels tend to contact the front legs when seated, were cut diagonally in the pursuit of comfort and usability, revealing “bamboo shoots.” Care was also taken so the arms can be hung on a table for easy cleaning underneath. Just as cleaning is a practice of Zen temples, beautifully purifying a place is a philosophical and religious practice in the way that we live. Based on that conceptual model, this product is made from solid bars of sawn lumber to be available to many people.  

“Sweeping the floor and living together with nature.” A chair for such humble living has been born.

(Hiroshi Nakamura)

Takenoko lounge chair