Locate in Tokyo, Japan
Project by Kengo Kuma
Interior coordination and furniture by Time & Style
Photos by Ben Richards

Kita is a luxury condominium consisting of 12 spacious buildings located in a quiet residential area of Kitasando in Shibuya city.
Designed by architect Kengo Kuma, the vertical lattice that wraps the entire building allows light and shadows to dance and textures to mingle and assimilate with the surrounding landscape gently.
Intuitive, materialistic interior materials and multi-layered interiors comfortably envelop the occupants and appeal to the five senses.

We coordinated the furniture with Time & Style édition to fit the concept of Kita.
The concept of Time & Style édition is based on Japanese aesthetics, and we thought it would be a perfect fit for Kita, which is both modern and has a Japanese sensibility.
To match the marble material of the interior, we selected furniture made of solid wood with a sense of materiality and cast bronze and brass.
A lattice cabinet is placed between the living room and the dining room to gently connect the living room and dining room and harmonize with the interior louvers in the kitchen area to create a sense of unity.