Green Hospital

Locate in Tokyo, Japan
Design by Kengo Kuma & Associates
Furniture by Time & Style

Kengo Kuma has renovated an obstetrics and gynecology clinic that has been a favorite of local residents for over half a century. The wooden louvers on the façade, designed to give the impression of a “hospital as a house,” blend quietly into the quiet residential area. The use of natural materials, such as solid wood flooring and plaster walls, makes the clinic a warm and welcoming place.

We needed chairs that would not be too hard on pregnant women for the chairs in the waiting room. The NC chair, developed and commercialized jointly by Kuma and Time and Style, was used as the design source, and the details were tested for this clinic.

As we needed to fit a large number of chairs in a limited space, we decided to use a single armrest instead of two arms. The angle of the back and seat is greater than on the NC chair, with a gentle slope towards the front of the seat so that a pregnant woman with a large belly can sit comfortably for a long time.

The chair’s appearance is not very different from that of the original NC chair, but after repeated prototyping, a chair suitable for an obstetrician’s clinic has been created. The chair is upholstered in Crypton fabric, which is stain-resistant and can withstand the conditions of a hospital environment.
The combination of the furniture, the natural materials used in the interior, and the courtyard planting creates a relaxing environment for visitors.

In front of the waiting room and part of the examination room, we developed a bench based on the KA sofa design along the wall.