Locate in Atami, Kanagawa, Japan
Design by Kengo Kuma & Associates
Furniture by Time & Style

The COEDA HOUSE is a café in the Akao Herb & Rose Garden run by the Akao Resort in Atami, located on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The building has a structure like a massive tree created by randomly stacking 8 cm x 8 cm squared cypress timbers, reinforced with a carbon fiber rod.

Time & Style produced for this project the counter tables made of glass and mirrors, the mirrored kitchen, inside and outside GC chairs and fixtures to display the products to sell.

The GC chairs for outdoor use are made of weather-resistant teak wood.


The GC chairs for outdoor use was made of weather-resistant teak wood

Using a mirror, the presence of furniture disappears, and you can fully enjoy the texture of the wood used for the building and the ocean view to the fullest.

GC chair

Size: W442×D513×H829×SH457
Designer: Kengo Kuma
Manufactored by Time & Style

Kengo Kuma

One of the essential Japanese architect and professor in the Department of Architecture (Graduate School of Engineering) at the University of Tokyo.

Kuma’s stated goal is to recover Japanese buildings’ traditions and reinterpret these traditions for the present.

He designs the New National Stadium in Tokyo, which has been built for the 2020 Summer Olympics. 

 Kuma lectures, books, and articles extensively discussing and criticizing the approach of contemporary architecture. 

His seminal text Anti-Object: The Dissolution and Disintegration of Architecture, written in 2008, calls for an architecture of relations, respecting its surroundings instead of dominating them. 

Kuma’s projects maintain a keen interest in the manipulation of light with nature through materiality.

His philosophy of architecture is also heavily tinged with his way of designing furniture.