Seamarq Hotel

Locate in Gangneung city, South Korea
Interior design by IGA square
Furniture by Time & Style

We supplied sofas, chairs, and lighting for the 150 ocean view rooms.
For the hotel’s entrance, we created a 16-meter long table made from 8 meter long solid tops of 300-year-old zelkova trees that had fallen at the foot of Mount Tsukuba.

Although the table’s design is simple, the joinery of the tops is very important to fit the details and to read the wood for the next few years, which is why we have concentrated our skills in making many solid pieces of furniture.

Solid wood breathes and expands, and contracts according to the humidity of its surroundings. It is essential to dry the wood properly to reduce its moisture content and take into account the movement of the wood in the structure and design.

In the separate guesthouse, we delivered furniture in the traditional style, inspired by Yi Dynasty furniture. There are many similarities between Korean and Japanese architectural styles. The furniture is redesigned from Yi Dynasty furniture to create a fusion of Korean and Japanese styles.