Locate in Tokyo, Japan
Interior design by Nori Architects
Furniture by Time & Style

Located in the heart of Tokyo, the Toranomon area continues to evolve as a hub for domestic and international business communication and exchange, and REVZO Toranomon is the first office to be completed under the REVZO office brand, which unleashes people and businesses in a free and creative way.
The interior uses natural materials such as wood, stone, earth, and plants to give warmth and quality to the space, and there are touches throughout to stimulate the workers’ senses.

The lounge is a space used for meetings, presentations, breaks, and various other occasions. There is also a library for information gathering and idea generation, a rooftop terrace, and private meeting rooms, which can be used flexibly to increase productivity, promote interaction, and encourage intellectual production activities.

The open-plan table seating in the bold atrium is made of solid wood, carefully carved into the Moon table, while the horizontal sofa by the large opening window is in tune with the horizontal lines of the interior.
For the conference room, we chose a solid wood dining table and armchairs. In contrast to the steel-legged tables and melamine veneers used in most office furniture, the warmth of the material and its tense form create a sophisticated space.