GMO Internet

Locate in Tokyo, Japan
Interior design by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP
Furniture by Time & Style

GMO Group, a leader in Japan’s Internet business, advocates “Liang San Dang Management.” The name “Liang San Dang” refers to the location where 108 heroes and great men from the Chinese classic “Suikoden” gathered.

The conference room floor is decorated with a mesh of lines on every surface of the floor and walls, representing the vision of Yangshanmari management with its countless parallel and overlapping pyramids. Despite being located on a high floor in the heart of the city, the interior has an open, natural feel, with large, horizontal, three-dimensional glass windows lined with plants that give the feeling of being in a forest.

The furnishings are made from natural materials such as wood and stone, while multi-colored, saturated fabrics create a sense of randomness and unity. The lounge area is furnished with a horizontal sofa and bench, a custom-made low table made of natural marble, a Moon table, a Leo chair, a Leon chair, a Philip half armchair, and a Takenoko chair developed by Hiroshi Nakamura in collaboration with Time and Style.

The space is gently partitioned with low-height furniture, allowing the user to choose where to use the furniture depending on the content of the meeting, time, and the number of people.