Coeda House

Locate in Atami, Kanagawa, Japan
Design by Kengo Kuma & Associates
Furniture by Time & Style

The café, designed by architect Kengo Kuma, is situated on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In the center of the building, 1,500 square timbers, stacked in 49 layers of Alaskan cypress, support the structure like a large tree and eliminate the columns on the perimeter. The exterior is made of glass and is designed to blend in with the surrounding nature.

Glass and mirrors are used as surface materials for the furniture, projecting the surrounding landscape and reducing its presence as furniture and fixtures. Areas where strength and durability are required, such as the kitchen doors and the hip wall of the counter desk, are finished in mirrored stainless steel. The combination of different materials, such as glass, stainless steel, and mirror, has been carefully crafted to create small details.

The stainless steel mirrored legs of the café table are made in Tsubame Sanjo in Niigata, a city with a high level of polishing technology. The quality of the mirror finish, with its beautiful mirror-like reflections, is an essential factor in the transparency of architecture and interior design. The glass top and stainless steel legs are fixed together with a highly transparent adhesive called Hi-Clear Caulking. As glass and stainless steel expand and contract slightly with temperature changes, we bonded them with a highly transparent caulking material called Hyperclear caulking. This process is a handcrafted method that demands precision.

The chairs are GC chairs, developed by Kuma in collaboration with Time and Style. The chairs are made of standard beech for indoors and teak for outdoors to ensure durability. The oiled teak wood will change its color and texture over time, harmonizing with the outside decking and the surrounding nature.

Using a mirror, the presence of furniture disappears, and you can fully enjoy the texture of the wood used for the building and the ocean view to the fullest.

The GC chairs for outdoor use was made of weather-resistant teak wood