Milano Design City and Fuorisalone was a two-week initiative in October 2020 dedicated to design culture.
It featured in Milan’s various venues, a series of showroom openings, furniture collections launches, and debates, both physical and digital.

The Time & Style ēdition, part of Boffi | DePadova’s new collection, was announced at Boffi Solferino and DePadova Santa Cecilia showrooms in Milan.

Boffi | DePadova is a brand by Boffi, which continues to drive the industry as the most prominent kitchen brand, and DePadova, known for the high-quality and sensitive interior products created together with historical designers around the world.
Boffi | DePadova, unite with the Japanese furniture brand Time & Style, which continues to make furniture using traditional techniques from all over Japan, to create a new capsule collection, Time & Style ēdition.

This capsule collection brings together the sensitivity refined by Italy’s long history in furniture design and the superior skills of Japanese artisans, the use of the materials’ qualities, and the delicate Japanese sense of beauty. It reveals the essence of future interior design and creates an ambiance that no one has ever experienced up until now.

The Time & Style ēdition will be displayed in Boffi | DePadova’s mono-brand showrooms established in 70 major cities worldwide. In Japan, it will be shown at the new Time & Style Minamiaoyama shop in November 2020.

Time & Style’s delicate designs; the sofa “Horizontal sofa” and the bed “time trip for memories” have been selected to be part of Boffi | DePadova’s new product collection for 2020. These products will be manufactured in Italy with advanced technology cultivated through their long history of furniture-making.

Founded in Brianza, Italy, Boffi is a kitchen pioneer with a history of over 80 years. Boffi has established a brand concept that combines design and functionality while building a steady position as a high-end brand and leading the industry with innovative and refined minimal design and technical capabilities. 

Since 2015, Boffi has joined with Italian furniture brand De Padova to communicate a style unique to the brand while carrying forward the history of interior design in Italy. It suggests holistic spaces that encompass the kitchen, bath, furniture, storage, and more under a global brand.

Art exhibition Information

Nobuhiko Tanaka
Japanese modern porcelain exhibition

22 October – 22 November 2020

Time & Style Amsterdam

Twelve years we have been holding exhibitions of Japanese porcelain artist Nobuhiko Tanaka at Time & Style in Japan. His porcelain is characterized by pastel colour gradations, a soft matte texture and embodies an organic beauty. Performing all processes himself, his works are imbued with his unique sensitivity while including traditional techniques. The porcelain comes in a wide variety of cups, pots, jugs, plates, bowls, flower vases and is sturdy and practical, naturally finding a place into our daily lives.

Nobuhiko Tanaka’s first exhibition at Time & Style Amsterdam was in 2018. His porcelain is receiving much support internationally, being loved by European people and used by restaurants. In 2020, we announce his second exhibition at Time & Style Amsterdam.

Tanaka explains: “During the first exhibition in Amsterdam, I was thrilled to feel that a new door had opened for myself, having been making porcelain for 30 years. For this second exhibition, in addition to my main collection of “Porcelain in colour” with soft pastel colours and matte textures I created “Gomashiote”, a translucent white porcelain with black dot patterns. I also created “Turquoise blue” porcelain with deep colours. Please enjoy my various works.”

Time & Style will exhibit 300 Japanese modern porcelain works by Nobuhiko Tanaka each distinct in their colour and shape. We continue to be fascinated every time when we see his ever-innovating porcelain.

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