Waltz for Nature

We jointly developed a tanned soft leather with leather manufacturers. Many trial productions and experiments were repeated to make thick leather with proper softness and texture. The leather was manually placed on the sofa by experienced artisans.

One of the leather production sites in Japan is located in Tatsuno District, Himeji City in Hyogo Prefecture. Himeji is a major production site of tanned leather in Japan. All of the leather we use is our unique product, which was jointly developed with leather manufacturers. We had previously mainly developed thinner leather for a better fit to the sofa shape

However, for the new sofa development, we tried to develop a strong and thick leather that delicately expresses its texture, which has a proper softness to the touch, and that is rarely made even in Europe, the center of leather production. The leather with surface skin has its original texture, and it gains glossiness and sophistication as it is used over the years.

A long-lasting sofa is materialized, of which the appeal of the leather increases after years of use. The overall design was determined after a careful selection of various manufacturing methods and pieces. Such decisions included an examination of the wooden frame structure of the sofa for maintaining strength, adjustments of softness/hardness of urethane in each area for comfort, and usage of feathers in the back.

The hardest part was putting the leather on the sofa at the end. Well-experienced craftsmen’s skills are essential when putting the thick and inflexible leather on, which was impossible without the passion of the leather producers and skill of the artisans. The beautiful stitches also show this high-level skill. The seat has a thin design, in contrast to the thick wooden frame with a great presence. We intended to avoid losing overall lightness due to the thick leather, as well as to try out a new structure.

A comfortable sofa with a resilient cushioning property was successfully made, despite the thin seat. Furthermore, the wooden legs and the frame, which support the sofa body, are finely and elaborately decorated. A relief called tamabuchi was carved on the wood, in order to connect the designs of the four legs and the seat frame. A soft atmosphere is formed by gradual curves on the insides of the legs. With an appreciation for the sofa consisting of natural materials — leather, feathers, and wooden legs — it was named Waltz for Nature.

Item No. S-191 / S-192 / S-193 / S-194L,R / S-195
Size: W1210×D930×H670×SH400 ~ W2000×D1000×H670×SH400
Back / Seat
Fabric covering(F)
Leather upholstered(L)