Trustworthy little sweethearts

The impression of many of our sofas is straight lines spreading out in the horizontal direction with the wooden section supported by Japanese air and tensely stretched fabric and leather. We tried to create this fixed impression of our sofas with a new design that has a gentler and softer expression. The words, “Trustworthy little sweethearts” are used to describe this sofa’s image.

We can picture a scene where parents and their children are relaxing on the sofa in their house. Our aim was to give the sofa a personal but modern presence and sought to create a gentle sofa as if one’s whole body is wrapped in the cushion.

The arm is angled upward from the front to the upholstered back, which is sewn with a single stitch line. The gentle surface is curved on both sides towards the single stitch in the center, forming the arm and back upholstery. This form creates softness and integrates the whole frame. In addition, the volume of the whole frame could be subdued.

Cushions are positioned on the back and on both sides and are wrapped by the outer frame to form a double layer. A stable, soft sitting comfort and a dignified presence coexist. The S-spring provides resilience and restoring force for the seat to further increase sitting comfort. As the arm slants forward, the cushions are visible from the side of the sofa. The difference in the form of the arm and cushions emphasizes the sofa frame’s presence, becoming an accent.

The brass lost-wax processed legs have an adjuster function and the feet were cast in a trumpet shape, providing a unique design while ensuring stability. Moreover, the brass legs and crosspiece support the soft shell of the sofa. The product lineup for one to three persons has been perfected as a compact and relaxed comfortable sofa.