Time & Style anniversaries

This spring, Time & Style Amsterdam celebrates its fifth anniversary, and Time & Style Midtown its fifteenth.

Searching for retail space in the Netherlands, we happened to come across the beautiful brick building that became Time & Style Amsterdam. This building was an important site for Amsterdam, protecting the city and its citizens as a police station for around 130 years. Our voyage is only a brief flicker amidst the long history of deep friendship between the Netherlands and Japan, but as residents of Amsterdam ourselves, we hope to continue learning and sharing our joy.

Time & Style Midtown was launched alongside Tokyo Midtown, a shopping complex in Tokyo’s Roppongi district. It was a very stimulating time for us to meet with our many customers from around the world every day, conveying Japanese culture and traditions as we proposed spaces to them. In the store we also held exhibitions and performances of live music, which we consider to be important elements of a rich life. We hope that this fifteen-year milestone will provide opportunities for reflecting again on what makes for a fulfilling life, and that our store will become a point of contact with our customers.

With so many events happening in Japan and around the world, bringing both joys and the challenges facing us, we are sincerely grateful for our ability to manufacture our products and to greet our customers in the same place. We hope you will continue to look to us as we take on our own challenges as we earnestly explore new ways to bring you a richer lifestyle.