Time After Time

We created Time after time, a lounge chair with a cantilever structure, by bending wide, flat stainless steel bars. This structure offers a gentle bounce that makes the user feel as if the seat is floating or swinging since an appropriate repulsion force is created when the weight of the user adds tension to the structure. When the user sits on the seat, it slowly tilts down to a proper angle and then bounces back a little. We created and tested many trial models by changing the width and thickness of the flat bars so that the chair can support users of various weights and offer the most comfortable bounce.

It is a simple structure made by bending flat bars, and the stability as a product cannot be maintained without precise techniques. A simple structure requires delicate, precise techniques. Urethane foam is used as a cushion to firmly support the user’s hips, back, and head. The padded seat is upholstered with quilted fabric, being made of the single piece of the molded plywood. This seat and each cantilever leg are joined at two points. We created a simple, comfortable lounge chair with a cantilever structure made by bending flat stainless steel bars. The same structure of pipes was developed during the era of the Bauhaus. Another version with no headrest is suitable for the lounge spaces of hotels and so on.