The Suite room (NEW)

The prototype for this sofa is patterned after the structure of the LC2 designed by Le Corbusier. The LC2 features a simple structure consisting of an unfixed cushion set into a frame of bent steel pipe. The volume of the seat and back cushion is small, for excellent flexibility that fits any space. 

Based on the design of the LC2 that even now remains a masterpiece among sofas, this product serves as an homage to Le Corbusier while replacing the pipes with unfinished wood as its structural element to yield another form of sofa. 

The Suite room has enhanced the frame and cushioning that characterized the previous Suite. The cross-sectional form of the wooden frame is an oval that combines softness with sharpness. 

The arms and legs jut at the joints so that each part is smoothly connected, further bringing out the unfinished wood’s texture. The oval frame meshes with the cushions to create a sense of unity in the sofa overall. Moreover, the internal structure of the back and seat cushions offers resilience while enhancing sitting comfort.

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