Swing wood back lounge chair, Swing upholstered lounge chair

This lounge chair consists of a rounded shell made of molded plywood. The appearance with a generous-sized and soft-shaped shell and four straight legs has a gradual movement within quietness. We pursued a chair with a dignified atmosphere of aikido practice with gentle and slow streaming motions. It can be used as a larger-sized dining chair or a compact-sized lounge chair.

The round shell extending from the arms to the backrest is connected with the four legs by the solid wood seat frame. In order to provide a sense of unity between the seat frame and the shell, the seat frame was carved so that it can be inserted inside the shell.

The meanings and contents of “simplicity” cannot be discussed by only comparing the complexity of shapes and decorativeness. We believe that simple designs have a clear but implicit positional relationship of balance, and a discovery of such position would provide a depth and a strong presence to the simple object. Therefore, we always seek a proper answer within the relationships.