This sofa mimics the structure of LC2, designed by Le Corbusier. Basing the design on the LC2, considered a masterpiece today, the Suite sofa pays homage to Le Corbusier with its modified form, replacing the bent pipe frame of the LC2 with solid wood rods.

There is a reason behind the Suite name. Le Corbusier’s LC2 features a low-volume seat and back cushion, giving it excellent flexibility to fit it to any space, small or narrow. It also features cushions that are set, not fixed, into the bent steel pipe frame. This simple and minimalist design produces a wonderfully elegant functional beauty, but opinions on its seating comfort are divided. The cube shape is the main thought behind the designs we aim for, and it blends well with any space. But we wanted to make a sofa that was comfortable.

While Suite was created based on the same concept as LC2, we were able to create a sofa with a completely different appearance and comfort level. We tried to create the functionality of a sofa with a beautiful presence by creating a frame based on Le Corbusier’s idea and placing cushions inside this frame without fixing them in place. We chose cylindrical wooden rods, our specialty, as the material for the frame. We also considered using elliptical rods, but we didn’t want to change the rounded pipe form of LC2.

This led us to thick, cylindrical wooden rods for the frame. We managed to consider the effective use and structure of our materials by reducing the size of the frame as much as possible. We strived for the greatest resilience and stability for cushion comfort, and we chose to use cushions with volume. The sofa is composed of the cylindrical rod frame that wraps around the back and vertical cylindrical legs kept to a minimum, and the cushions have been artfully placed inside of this frame. We’ve introduced a simple and new style of sofa.

Item No. S-001 / S-002 / S-003
Size: W970×D825×H715×SH420 ~ W2070×D825×H715×SH420
Back / Seat Cushion
Fabric covering(F)
Leather upholstered(L)