Sting wood back chair / Sting low wood back chair

Sting uses molded plywood bent into a round shape for the frame. Because the round molded plywood frame uses an integrated mold for reinforced strength, the same shape is achieved after repeated molding, giving precision to the product.

The Sting comes in two types: a wood back with a veneer on the outside and a fabric back with an upholstered back. This model also offers two types of heights for a seating surface designed as a regular dining chair and a lounge chair. Each variation offers different look.

To suit a wide range of situations, the chair can be upholstered in leather or fabric with high-intensity color, allowing for the creation of spaces with totally different images. The bottom of the round shell features a rotating base for an office chair, and there is a space between the shell and seating surface so that the chair rotates from the center of seating surface as core.

The Sting was designed as a compact lounge chair for hotels, airports, and other public areas, as well as for the home. The design is luxurious and envelopes the body.