solid wood library book wall shelf

This shelf was entirely made from solid wood, including the large backboard and shelves. Solid wood is rarely used for this size of backboard. The methods that are commonly used are a flush structure in which a thin board called sliced veneer is put on the surface over a honeycomb material to create thickness, or a method in which thin solid wood is used only for the frame and thin veneers are put on the surface.

Since it is expensive to use an extensive amount of solid wood and the fact that solid wood causes heavy weight, warping and cracking due to moisture and dryness, solid wood has rarely been used for furniture. However, we thought we need to use solid wood for this shelf especially because it is simple-structured furniture with only a backboard and shelves. When the shelves use the backboard as the background and the large solid wood majestically exists in the space, how will the atmosphere in that space change?

Solid wood nurtures a secondary life even after it has become a product, and it begins to go through a second life. The wood keenly feels the condition of the atmosphere and warps if moisture is lacking and the surface which has lost moisture shows a sad expression. Solid wood does not change for a while when an oil-based coating is applied on the surface, but wood that has been prevented from coming into contact with air along with the passage of time gradually begins show a deteriorated look. In order to leverage the second life of the wood, optimum moisture is given as with living things and a wax is applied on the surface. Human beings spending time with wood enlivens the life of wood which bestows richness to the look over time. When you look at the shelf from behind one piece of a large solid wood board vertically stands like a wall in the space. We think just the existence of solid wood itself will fill the air with a refreshing sensation, as if you are surrounded by nature. There is a chance that changes occur in the wood over the years and cracking may occur in the backboard and shelves. However, we think it is the law of nature and within a permissible range because it is made of a natural material. It means the wood is showing you the existence of dry air and it is a sign that the wood is living.

As for the silhouette of the shelf the backboard and end surfaces of the shelves are rounded in order to create softness. Each of the organic boards are connected on the surface. The corners of the shelves have a soft curve, and the end surfaces of vertical side panels that support shelves are rounded to create a seamless look. We imagine the solid wood library book wall shelf majestically sitting in a house over time, like a big tree in the precinct yard of a shrine or temple.


Item No. C-701 / C-702 / C-703
Size: W1400×D380×H1880 〜 W3200×D380×H1880