silent minority

We desired to create a free-standing mirror, which stands vertically and is the size of a full-length mirror. However, making a large-sized mirror stand on its own in space was challenging. We also desired to make the mirror with solid wood materials. There were several approaches, but none of them brought a comfortable size and frame design for a free-standing full-length mirror.

We began the creation of this mirror while we struggled to find an answer. A full-scale model was made as a trial with materials other than wood, but it did not help us to gain inspiration. It seemed like it was necessary to make it with actual materials. A “tamabuchi” pattern, one of the Chinese Ming Dynasty styles, was put on the frame, and the flat planes of the frame were gently rounded to provide softness to the design. For strength, uniform-sized square timbers were used for the frame and legs. The legs were placed on the back and front sides to provide stability.

What does the completed free-standing mirror look like?

The free-standing mirror can be placed anywhere in space, providing depth and an extra room. Women, in particular, possibly look for a vertically standing, full-length mirror to see their entire body. Ballerinas, fashion models, actresses, and boxers also long for a lovely free-standing mirror. We hope our product turned out to be such an object of admiration for ballerinas, actresses, and boxers.

Item No. M-011
Size: W1000×D600×H1900