Sakura Sakura rocking chair

This chair is the grand sum of the theme of “lattice chair”, by revising the elements of previous chairs with lattices. We pursued the comprehensive details of overall balance, and a proper density of components, through adjustment of the individual shapes of the parts and their composition without changing the outline of the chair.

This was our first attempt to create fine details within a simple chair, in order to fit into modern spaces, while keeping a Japanese appearance. A North European element was also included in the simple design. A joint was made in the middle of the horizontal rung on the back, which supports the seat frame and the lattice. The same style was used for the rungs on the sides.

The basic design consists of simple parts, allowing further enhancement of the characteristic backrest lattices. The chair has a simple and modern impression, as the lattices of the simple chair evoke an image of a traditional Japanese town. It nicely blends into dining rooms and Japanese-style spaces and creates modern Japanese spaces for various occasions.