Object next to the object that does nothing, Object that does nothing

In 1999, we met Patrick Chia at the SaloneSatellite in Milan. We were presenting products designed by Tsutomu Kurokawa and Masamichi Katayama from H.Design Associates. In the same room, Patrick was also presenting his prototype products, manually made on his own. He was paid much attention there due to his outstanding and highly perfected designs. His products had already been placed on the floors and bar counters of the Mondrian Hotel (designed by Philippe Starck) as main objects. Our relationship with Patrick began then.

Every prototype of Patrick’s designs is made by himself. Based on a sketch, he carves styrofoam and glass fiber with his own hands, as if making a sculpture. He shapes the prototype by feeling the organic texture of the surface with his hands. The scene of Patrick smoothly working on the prototype seems like a cross-over of the beautiful, organic presence of the object and his dynamic movement of creation.

Designer: Patrick Chia